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Kordhell's Spotify description. Kenney is proven to be Kordhell as it states in his Spotify description "Hailing form the UK and residing in California"

Michael "Mick" Kenney (born: January 18, 1980 [age 44]), more commonly known as Kordhell is a British musician and record producer. He is known for producing phonk/Memphis rap music and is also known for creating the song "Murder in My Mind". As stated in his Spotify account Kordhell is from the United Kingdom but currently lives in California, USA.

Kenney is proven to be Kordhell as it states in his Spotify description "Hailing form the UK and residing in California"

Kenney is also the lead guitarist in an extreme metal band Anaal Nathrakh.


In 2021, Mick Kenney started producing phonk/Memphis rap music under the stage name Kordhell. His song "Murder In My Mind" exploded on TikTok and YouTube, helping the song reach the Billboard Dance Charts, UK top 100, and its current status of over 423 million+ Spotify streams as of July 2023.

Boasting a massive 14 million+ monthly listeners, and over 4 million Spotify streams per day, Kenney is one of music's fastest-growing artists of 2022. The song "9 In My Hand" (with Key Glock) is featured on the soundtrack to the latest Fast & Furious movie, Fast X.

On January 24, 2024, He collaborated with the asphalt game, and the ‘murder in my mind’ asphalt remix came out.

The Cancelled "Murder on My Mind Tour"

The First Teaser to the Kordhell Tour Would be out on kordhell social media on "6 June 2023" With a black background, with only the words "LOS ANGELES, COMING SOON" This would make everyone Much anticipated and very excited when the announcement of a tour was out. Then on June 7th 2023, Kordhell Would then post the official Tour Dates as well with the poster and the locations for each day. The Website would show where to buy the tickets and such.

After a few Months of no word about the tour, Kordhell would then slowly take down most the posts from his Youtube and Instagram as a result of cancelation of the tour. He Would Go Explain on his Discord Server to give the Reason for the cancelation of the tour. A few days before the first date of tour, kordhell would post on his discord server stating that "tour got cancelled" it was canceled because the age requirement and ticket sales didn't meet the match what Kordhell and Black17media was really looking for which led to the tour to be canceled. He would then replace the tour with a 2nd Virtual Phonk Show which was later posted on the same day kordhell announced the cancellation of the tour.

2024: Upcoming album

Untitled design (10)

Crommatic Teasing a Upcoming Album via ig story on 05/04/2024

Kordhell album moment 1

Kordhell and Dj Paul Closeup Photo Promoting The Album (Via Kordhell Instagram)

Crommatic aka Crommatic Productions who is a Mix and Master For Various Artists and has Charted 6x for Billboard first teased news for an upcoming album "Ur Not Ready for this album", With a photo of Kordhell Alongside DJ Paul Standing Together 1. Side By Side and 2. Together in a Studio in a instant, shown in a "Instant Flim" Pinned in a "Pin Board" via Instagram on May 4, 2024, Which Kordhell Would Later Share the Story in regards of confirmation of the album. This Will Be Kordhell's 7th Album and 1st Studio Album. On May 6, 2024, He Would Later Tease the upcoming album with another post of Both Kordhell and DJ Paul standing next to each other with the caption "Album going to be finished this week! Stay tuned for some OG Memphis Phonk". This Will Be Confirming the album to have both mix of Memphis Phonk and Kordhell Phonk (possibly)



On August 18, 2023 Kordhell mentioned he was going to quit in 2024 as shown in the image below. As of April 2024 we are unsure if he is still sticking to that decision


Question to Kordhell For His Interview With

On April 19th,[1] Had Interviewed Kordhell For His Release With Netflix For The "Rebel Moon Part 2" Movie And In the interview, they asked about the retirement statement rather if it is true or not. " I came across a screenshot attributed to you on August 18, 2023. It reads, "I'm quitting next year anyway." If it's authentic, what compelled you to write that and what does the future look like for Kordhell?" Which Kordhell replies with "I was just winding up the fans in my Discord server." Which Means that Kordhell will be a Ongoing Artist For The Time Being.


This song got 1 million+ views on Youtube and Spotify. Even movies, series and video games collaborated song are included.

Music Name Collaboration With Artist And Other Genre Released Date
9mm Drift Phonk 2021
Death Bound Drift Phonk 2021
Live Another Day Drift Phonk 2021
Wig Split Drift Phonk 2021
Memphis Doom Drift Phonk 2021
Killer From The Northside Drift Phonk 2021
Killa Drift Phonk 2021
I Am The King L19U1D Drift Phonk 2021
Evil Be My Witness Chill Phonk 2021
Fate Is Against Me Drift Phonk 2021
Dionysian Drift Phonk 2021
Glock To Your Head DeadJxhn Drift Phonk 2021
Murder In My Mind Drift Phonk 2022
To Hell And Back Raizhell, FKBAMBAM Drift Phonk 2022
Scopin Drift Phonk 2022
Zep Tepi Drift Phonk 2022
Unholy DXRK ダーク Drift Phonk 2022
Dead On Arrival KUTE Drift Phonk 2022
Fatality Drift Phonk 2022
WTF?! Sadfriendd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
One Shot One Kill Sinizter Drift Phonk, Vocal Phonk 2022
Nikitata - ТАЙМАУТ (Kordhell Remix) Chill Phonk, Remix Phonk 2022
Land Of Fire Drift Phonk 2022
Misa Misa! Corpse, Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Miss Me? Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Like Yxu Wxuld Knxw (Auntumn Trees) Corpse, Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Vocal Phonk 2022
9 In My Hand Fast And Furious Drift Phonk 2022
I Feel Alive Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Murder Plot Drift Phonk 2022
Killing The Surface Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Madeinhell Pt. 1 Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
This Is My Life Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
I'm The Devil Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Jekyll & Hyde Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Find Yxurself Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Madeinhell Pt. 2 Scarlxrd Drift Phonk, Rap Phonk 2022
Hellraiser Fast and Furious Drift Phonk 2022
Go Hard Or Get Gone DJ Paul Drift Phonk, Vocal Phonk 2022
Dat Phonk Drift Phonk 2023
Disturbed - Bad Man (Kordhell Remix) Drift Phonk, Remix Phonk 2023
Vuk Vuk Dragon Boys Brazilian Phonk, Vocal Phonk 2023
Montagem Pr Funk (Kordhell Remix) Brazilian Phonk, Remix Phonk 2023
Shoot To Kill Drift Phonk, Brazilian Phonk 2023
ZWE1HVNDXR X YATASHIGANG - Lovely Bastard (Kordhell Remix) Brazilian Phonk, Remix Phonk 2023
A Million Ways On Murder Drift Phonk 2023
Homicide Drift Phonk 2023
Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Drift Phonk 2023
Brazilian Dança Phonk (Kordhell Remix) Brazillian Phonk, Remix Phonk 2023
Deathkrush Sadfriendd Krushfunk, Rap Phonk 2023
One Time (Kordhell Remix) Drift Phonk, Remix Phonk 2023
Lost MUPP, Leah Julia Chill Phonk, Vocal Phonk 2023
Balle Balle RVDENT Indian Phonk 2023
Broken Game (Kordhell Remix) Drift Phonk, Remix Phonk 2023
Murder In My Mind (Asphalt Remix) Asphalt Drift Phonk, Remix Phonk 2024
Heaven yatashigang Dystopian Phonk 2024
Santinha Bibi Babydoll Brazilian Phonk, Vocal Phonk 2024
Fuku ZWE1HVNDXR Dystopian Phonk 2024
Glitch Krush Krushfunk 2024
Fica De 4 DJ FKU Brazilian Phonk 2024
Xerequinha Vai Brazilian Phonk 2024
Revolution Rebel Moon Drift Phonk 2024
Mwaki (Kordhell Remix) Brazilian Phonk, Remix Phonk 2024